The design of the WIDER Superyachts focuses on the intelligent use of on-board spaces, the improved integration of systems, and a reduction in emissions and fuel consumption without compromising the importance of easy maintenance.

WIDER is the first yacht builder in the world to offer luxury yachts in the 125'-165' (38m – 50m) size range with diesel-electric propulsion combined with Azimuthal pods. This technology, widely used in very large yachts and in commercial shipping, offers numerous benefits including:

  • increased reliability
  • fuel efficiency
  • greater range
  • shallow draft
  • low noise and vibrati0n
  • reduced maintenance
  • greater flexibility

All our superyachts have both hull and superstructure built in aluminium, enabling us to increase performance and allowing for greater freedom and flexibility during the build process.

Versatile, stylish, and spacious with inspirational performance the WIDER 32 and WIDER 42 have redefined the cruiser category. 

Originally conceived as a versatile tender for the WIDER 150 and WIDER 165, the WIDER 32 is also a fun, fast and innovative day cruiser – ideal for anyone who loves performance and originality, matched with the comfort of well-designed living spaces. The WIDER 32 can be uniquely personalised by choice of colour combinations for the composite hull and superstructure, and modified in terms of interior capabilities.

With the trademark WIDER expanding cockpit, the WIDER 42 offers double the surface area of a conventional 42-footer. Opening up at the push of a button – the process takes just 12 seconds – expanding amidships to provide a deck space of 18m2 when at anchor.

Established in 2010 by Tilli Antonelli, founder and former President of the well-known Pershing yacht brand, WIDER was born from a passion for performance and innovation.

With a focus on ergonomic, cutting-edge design, WIDER excels at delivering yachts that offer far more for the owner in every way. With both the WIDER Express Cruisers and WIDER Superyachts we believe we have created not only a new style of vessel, but an entirely new category.

We create high-quality, innovative yachts and superyachts that combine top-level performance and low fuel consumption with remarkably flexible living space, designed for the lifestyle of the modern client.

A WIDER yacht brings you into greater contact with the marine environment – with expanding cockpits on our Express Cruisers and generous beach clubs on our Superyachts – providing ample relaxation space right on the water.

The first WIDER 42 was launched in 2010 to universal acclaim. This revolutionary model lead the way for the company, encapsulating WIDER's passion for style and innovation. Its patented expanding cockpit perfectly reflects the WIDER philosophy and this model has since been joined by the WIDER 32. Both boats are composite built and assembled at our 10,000m2 structure in Castelvecchio di Monte Porzio, Italy.

Two aluminium Superyachts are currently at varying stages of completion: The WIDER 150 was launched in October 2015 and is undergoing sea trails and final commissioning work. She will be delivered in February 2016. After the launch of the 150, the WIDER 165, was transferred into the main shed for interior outfitting, painting and final completion. She is scheduled to be launched in Q4 of 2016.


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