Fulvio De Simoni

Fulvio-De-SimoniFulvio De Simoni is the creative force behind WIDER. A yacht designer of international repute he has worked with Tilli since 1985, when he designed the first Pershing 45.

Born in the seaside town of La Spezia, Fulvio has always had an innate passion for the water and bought his first boat aged just 14. After completing his studies in design, he moved to Milan where he began creating sailing boats in the early 1970s.

In 1972 he started work as a designer for Alberto Mercati's studio, going on to found Yankee Delta with Massimo Gregori in 1977. Then, in 1983, he created his own company Italprojects, specialising in hi-tech projects in the industrial shipbuilding sector.

During his career, Fulvio has designed over 2,500 yachts for some of the biggest names in yachting. Driven by his passion for the sea, his designs find revolutionary ways of putting their user in closer contact with the marine environment.

"I have worked with Fulvio for almost 30 years and respect his ability to envisage future trends before they are properly established. He is a genuine design visionary" Tilli Antonelli


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