26 January 2018


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With the launch of the 165 fast approaching, this month we take a look at one of the key feature on board. Although clearly recognisable as from the family of yachts produced by WIDER, the 165 has a number of significant differences compared to the WIDER150, delivered to her new Canadian owner in June of last year. Chief among these differences to the exterior styling are...

...the design of the foredeck which includes a private use helicopter landing pad, a significant benefit for a yacht of this size and a commonly requested feature from prospective buyers in this size range. With a max weight of just over 2 tons, the landing pad can accommodate a range of single engine helicopters to satisfy the needs of most owners. With the inclusion of navigation lights built into the deck as well as lashing points, the helicopter can land in the evening and remain fixed to the deck until required.

Although retaining the distinctive, aggressive WIDER lines, the helipad has had an impact on the look of the exterior design – largely driven by the safety requirements necessary for the efficient operation of a helicopter. This area also includes a generous seating area and Jacuzzi, making this space multi-functional and a wonderful place for an outdoor party with dance floor, thanks to the sophisticated on board entertainment system with multiple outdoor speakers. Additionally, although not included as standard, the WIDER engineers have conducted a feasibility study to add an outdoor projector together with 7m screen, ideal for al fresco cinema parties or late night sports games under the stars while at anchor.

With a significantly larger sundeck as well as an even bigger WIDER beach club, the WIDER165 offers more than her sistership in many ways. For details of the interior layout and design please click here.

The WIDER 165 is available for sale at €30m euro and is scheduled to be launched in late Q1 of 2018, with final delivery in time for the summer.

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