The WIDER beach club

Like her predecessors, the WIDER 135 offers a magnificent onboard oasis and is one of the most sizeable examples of a transom swim-and-sunbathing-deck available. The side openings, together with the extension of the aft-deck, create a large multi-use platform at water level. The superyacht offers a splendid relaxation space in direct connection to the sea and an infinity pool that stands out in the middle.


The WIDER serial hybrid propulsion

The WIDER 135 is powered by a serial hybrid propulsion system combined with Azimuthal pods. Two inline variable speed diesel generators, combined with the state-of-the-art WIDER power management system and the latest battery technology, serve the hotel and propulsion requirements of the vessel. This system reduces consumption while at the same time facilitating unprecedented range.

The WIDER Power Management System, a smart and fully integrated system controls all onboard energy sources: the power supplied by the shore connection, the gen-sets and the battery packs, distributing it between the hotel requirements, the propulsion system and the recharging of batteries, as required. Our dedicated partner in this project, and the supplier of our WIDER Power Management System, is the market-leading, global powerhouse, Nidec Industrial Solutions.

The Azimuthal pod propulsion system affords significant advantages compared to conventional shaft-line propulsion, including:

  • Increased reliability
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Shallow draft
  • Lower noise and vibration
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Greater flexibility

The propulsion system is completely modular, meaning the WIDER 135 can cruise using only the battery packs, in ZEM (Zero Emission Mode), or with up to two inline diesel generators powering the electric motors which form part of the pods. This way it can cruise at a higher range of speeds while continuing to enjoy limited specific fuel consumption.


Centro Stile WIDER designed modern and dynamic lines, always maintaining the focus on the direct contact with the sea. The upper deck saloon is extremely luminous thanks to full height windows and a stunning 360° view.

The WIDER 135, like her bigger sisters WIDER 150 and WIDER 165, presents, on the upper deck, the typical exterior side wings, which allow the crew to operate and move around the yacht without interfering with the guests.

The full-beam master cabin is located at the bow. With a private terrace overlooking the sea and a separate office with a full-height window, the Owner can benefit from 50m2 private area.

With the engine room amidships, the four sizeable guest cabins are located at the stern and have a private direct access to the beach club.

The WIDER 135 is built to comply with the latest standards by Red Ensign Group (Reg Yacht Code) for crew and presents three twin cabins, a sizeable cabin for the captain and an ample crew mess.

Leisure equipment

The WIDER 135 stores two jet skis and a 5m tender at the bow, protected in a lowered area, easy to launch with a dedicated crane.

The foredeck foresees a peaceful lounge area and a Jacuzzi can be installed, if desired.



The WIDER 135 has a maximum speed of 16kn and a cruising speed of 12,5kn with a range up to 2.600nm. The ecological speed of 8kn presents a range up to 4.700nm. Also available at Zero Emission Mode (ZEM) Speed, the WIDER 135 can run solely on batteries for silent cruising at 6 knots for approx. 4 hours, or for short movements, avoiding the need to start generators to move anchorages or for early starts.


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