Born electric

Focusing on cutting-edge and the most ecological possible technologies and a design style that respects harmony with the sea, WIDER excels in creating yachts that offer much more to their owners and their environments, in every single detail.

Born electric
Wider's DNA

Wider is an innovative Italian yacht builder introducing serial hybrid propulsion into the world of pleasure boating and heralded as the first yacht builder to have applied this technology to its superyachts.

Founded in 2010 and based in one of Italy’s prime shipbuilding centres, Ancona (Le Marche), Wider specialises in designing and building exclusive Yachts and Superyachts with a strong focus on technology and on-board electronics.

Wider has always been committed to constant innovation in order to attain 100% electric propulsion. To us Born Electric is much more than a pay-off. It is the aim and the mission of the company. After years of use, the W150, the first mega-yacht equipped with the Wider Hybrid Management System has confirmed our belief in its green credentials keeping pollution, noise and vibration to an absolute minimum.

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