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Wider sets new records in Rina Comfort Class

When RINA surveyors attended sea trials of the WIDER 150 they brought with them an array of equipment to test the noise and vibration levels on board. This was a critical test for the shipyard, since the very premise of the super yacht’s design is based upon a strong desire to eradicate noise and vibration from the vessel to the greatest extent possible. If any nerves were felt in the shipyard they soon proved unnecessary, and WIDER crew report that the surveyors were so astounded by the results of the tests that they had to verify the accuracy of the readings, which were lower than any they had witnessed before on a yacht of this size and type.

The result of the survey was that the WIDER 150 was awarded a perfect score of 100/100, leading to a Class notation of COMF (Y) 100,100. This has never before been achieved and sets a new standard to the yachting industry. WIDER attribute this unprecedented success to the focus and determination of the engineering team and the skilled workforce, and visitors to the yacht have all endorsed the noteworthy lack of noise and vibration when the vessel is underway.

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Martina Guasco
WIDER Press Office
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