Miami Fashion Week 2016
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Wider at Miami Fashion Week 2016

Miami Fashion Week was held from June 1st to June 5th this year; a vibrant and flamboyant event held in one of the world’s most glamorous cities. In nearby Fort Lauderdale, the WIDER USA team worked tirelessly to create synergies that would add a nautical flavour to the already colourful proceedings.

On the lawn outside the reception area an Amalfi Zest coloured WIDER 32 was impossible to miss, situated next to the red carpet as guests arrived in their limos. Close by, an elegant deck and balcony allowed visitors to congregate and admire her stylish features and modern lines. Meanwhile in the water a light silver WIDER 42′ transported VIP guests, executives, and the designers responsible for organising the event. Notably Antonio Banderas, the Honorary President of MIAFW, enjoyed using the WIDER 42 along with his business partner on multiple occasions.

An exclusive VIP area offered guests complimentary food and drinks during the fashion shows, and in this welcoming atmosphere WIDER Yachts USA representatives were free to enjoy the company of icons from the world of fashion who were eager to learn more about the company behind the intriguing sports cruisers on display.

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