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Wider partnership with Gentili Mosconi Home

Patrizia Mosconi
Patrizia Mosconi brainchild of Gentili Mosconi Home

WIDER’s reputation for innovative products goes beyond even their award winning power system and advanced transom design. The materials and fabrics used in the yacht’s guest areas have also drawn compliments both for their quality and distinctiveness. The Italian company Gentili Mosconi Home have been a major contributor to this achievement. 

The brainchild of Patrizia Mosconi and born from her passion for style and interior design, Gentili Mosconi Home carefully oversee everything from the design and choice of fabrics through to the manufacture of items to ensure that each item they supply enriches and enhances the ambience for which it is designed.

WIDER are happy to announce that they have entered into a partnership agreement with Gentili Mosconi Home. This will ensure all clients enjoy the same high level of quality in the future.

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