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Diesel Electric propulsion – Q & A

Continuing our Diesel Electric Q&A from the last couple of months (Please see here for past questions), in this edition we consider:

Why does the Diesel Electric solution used on WIDER yachts lend itself well to yachting?

“Very simply, because it is designed specifically for use on yachts… We have not simply taken a system designed for another use and tried to adapt to “work” for use on yachts, as most of the other yacht builders have done.” said Stefano Talamonti, WIDER Chief Operations Officer.
Yachting is about having fun on the water but that means at times relaxing for days at anchor and at others steaming across the Med to get to a party in Porto Cervo. Yachting does not compare to a cruise ship or use of commercial/military vessel, where Diesel Electric has been installed since the early 1900’s. However, there are elements from these areas such as efficiencies and reliability, which are highly sought after by the modern yachtsman and which we can learn from to develop systems to use in yachting….
Talamonti continued: “We are confident that is precisely what the WIDER system offers: a tailor made solution specific to yachting which will soon become the norm across the yachting industry much like the transition now occurring in the automotive world”.

If you have any questions about this article or indeed any other point which you would like clarifying in more detail, please email us at sales@wider-yachts.com

The WIDER 165 is currently in build and available for sale at € 30 m Euro. She is scheduled to be launched in the May of 2018, with final delivery in time for the summer. See here for latest update.

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