caudwell children 2021

Caudwell charity event.

On 25th of September 2021 WIDER took part to the Caudwell Gala event “Butterfly Ball” at Jardin Méditerranéen of the Bay Hotel in Monte Carlo. The Gala dinner was organized for entertainment and fundraising purpose, to give a smile to disabled children and their families.

Caudwell Children is a national charity founded in March 2000 and based in Staffordshire committed to improving the lives of disabled children in the UK. The main goal of the foundation is to enable disabled children to lead ordinary lives providing access to the services, equipment, therapies and treatments they need. Through this association all donations go directly to underprivileged children and families. Any donation – big or small – makes a difference in their lives.

The WIDER Team has been delighted and hounoured to support “Caudwell Children”, their events, their passion and their cause for years.

WIDER’s goals are projected to improve everyone’s life.

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